Thursday, 10 September 2009

I.F. Take 2

Each weeks topic from Illustration Friday reminds me of sketchbook assignments from high school art classes with Miller & Braun. For me, unless I'm hit with an idea immediately, I can be very indecisive and spend too much time in the planning/brainstorming...

This week's topic was: strong. I ended up doing two pieces, mainly because the first I wasn't happy with, and then after finishing the second, I was happier with the first! They are both mixed media - watercolor & ink. The first I painted on the color, and then drew in the lines. It looks messy to me.

The second was a thoughtful composition that I rushed to finish as my toddler competed for my attention. Dinner had to be cooked, and Friday is almost here! Not really satisfied with either pieces, especially since more time and thought could have been dedicated to them. Never-the-less, here they are!

The daisy must be awfully strong to hold up that beetle!

Edelgard the dragon looks on eagerly as Prince Andrew climbs the rope up the tower to rescue Princess Galiana. The only thing stronger than that rope is his love for her... (Edelgard had long awaited a Prince worthy of rescuing the Princess from her tower!) Silly, I know!

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