Wednesday, 9 December 2009

IF: "crunchy" & WaWe: "Let it Snow"

Henry trekked up the hill in the crunchy snow to meet his friends. With the first snow of the winter season came the tradition of sledging, snow-duck-angels, and new memories to be made...

Double dipping this week for IF/WaWe. I tried adjusting the color in PS but the accent/shadow areas are just very light from the scan... not like the original. Oh well. Lot's of new art to post... just have to find the time to do it amidst packing/moving. Oy!


  1. Aww, they look like they're having fun :)

  2. Julia, hello, thank you very much for your sweet comment!
    Your snow scene is very pretty :))

    wishing you a lovely day ok!


    ~ mita

    ps: Lots of new art to post? i would love to see them, cant wait!

  3. Hey beautiful Julia, Thanks so much for your kind words left at WAWE! We are so glad to have you as part of WAWE. We have a lot to learn from each others he he he! Happy to help when I can. Have a wonderful Holiday!!!!