Thursday, 15 October 2009

IF: "flying"

I've done nothing this week. Well, not really nothing. Just, a lot of things not relating to art, unfortunately. Cleaning out, downsizing, organizing, cooking/baking... juggling lots, plus a sweet little boy and wonderful husband who both deserve my attention. Good things.

I did work on a few sketches in preparation for a handmade arts/crafts marketplace I'm hoping to be a part of in late November. Anyways, I thought I'd submit this painting for IF this week. I guess it works for "flying"? I hope to be much more focused next week. I haven't even finished my Watercolor Wednesday projects, so I'm really falling behind. Self discipline... stay focused... don't eat the chocolate cake in the fridge...


  1. Can someone please inform me how to make it so that when you click on the picture within the post, it opens to a new window with an enlarged version?? Thanks!

  2. Beautiful! I think you might need to post a "larger sized image" when posting. (meaning larger dots per inch (250dpi, vs. 72)...or dimensions. I always find that mine are too large when they click on it..let me know if this helps at all..hope so!