Sunday, 4 October 2009


One of my new favorite websites to follow, besides Illustration Friday, is Watercolor Wednesday - an artists blog on blogger. They are a members only group, but I love the work (and would love to aspire to be as skillful as those artists!). For extra practice, I thought it'd be fun to follow their topics and participate on my own blog. For today, the topic was 'pumpkin madness'.

I had this concept idea of photographs of a couple during the changes of season in their lives... get it, changes of seasons? The first illo they are engaged, second they are married, third they are pregnant, and fourth they have a baby. In part, it is biographical of how my life has changed these past four, almost five years!

I used Picasa 3 from Google to create the collage above, giving it the feel of Polaroids.


  1. What a happy and loving family!:D
    It is amazing that there are so many wonderful things happened to you in the past four years,and I can totally "see" the happiness from these sweet illustrations.:)
    Wish your day always filled with joy and happiness~ :D

  2. I love your concept. Great job. And a big welcome to Watercolor Wednesday!

  3. Oh! Oh!!! I just LOVE these. Beautiful work!